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Here is a method that is helping to protect your smartphone from theft!

eventYour smartphone might be the most important device for you as it contains all your contacts, personal data and photos/ videos. Losing your phone means losing all your precious data you have saved for years. There are apps that are developed in the market to safeguard your phone from being stolen and securing the data inside the device.

Q-Anti Theft Alarm is a product of Quadruple business services, a young and dynamic set of experienced professionals who ensure creative products with enterprise mobility. This app is designed with some of the selected high security features in the market that could offer maximum security to your phone with minimal actions.

The app offers several different options for your phone’s safety.

SMS alerts – SMS alerts are sent to your emergency contacts to notify theft or misplacement of your phone. These SMS are very useful to trace your phone with your unique IMEI number. With IMEI no you can block your SIM from being misused. The last seen location of your phone will also be sent as a SMS if the device is GPS enabled.

Set your own loud alarm & scare away the thief!

The app offers a timer after which you would leave your phone unused. Just set the timer and activate the alarm. Also select a loud ringing tone from your gallery. If someone tries to movie your phone, the alarm will start ringing which cannot be stopped until the ‘deactivate’ option is selected inside the app.

Protect your mobile now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quadruple.qantitheftalarmpro

Contact us : http://www.quadrupleindia.com/antitheft/



Get rid of your fear of losing your phone, Once and for all!

Q-Anit theft alarm Pro Mobile Application

Own a costly smartphone? Always staying alert to avoid meddlers and no-do-gooders?

Hmm! Losing your phone might be your biggest fear. Well, you can finally take a deep breath and stay calm as new apps are being developed in the android market to safeguard your phone from within the app.

Q-Anti Theft App is a robust security app that’s available in the market now for download. This app offers a lot of security options which even some of the well-known security apps in the market have missed to include for safety. It’s a lightweight app that asks for minimum permissions from its users. Here are some of the unique features the app offersthat makes it really cool and easy to use.

Set your own alarm

Select your own ringing tone from your gallery and scare away your phone meddlers. Whenever your phone is moved, the alarm starts to ring. The burglar will have no idea where the ringing is coming from. The push notifications to the app are automatically hidden as soon the alarm is triggered. It can be deactivated only from within the app.

Get notified through SMS alerts!

These SMS alerts are sent to your emergency contacts. It contains some unique info that can help you trace your phone through location links or at least block your SIM with the help of your SIM’s IMEI number.

Pretty useful isn’t it? The app promises its users safety and already working on a Pro version of the app with extra improved features.

Protect your mobile now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quadruple.qantitheftalarmpro

Contact us : http://www.quadrupleindia.com/antitheft/