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6 Best Android Apps to help locate your lost/stolen Smartphone


Have you ever lost your phone and worried so much to get it back? If not, at least block your SIM and device from being misused. Well, there are dozens of Android apps to help you with this cause. However it is tough to decide which one is legitimate and useful, as most of the apps are free and developed by anonymous providers. Here is a list of the top recommendations of Anti Theft Android Apps that comes handy during emergencies.

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Cerberus is one of the must-to-know names in the Anti Theft category. It is considered the most reliable free app with tons of features that will help you to find your lost or stolen phone. Some of its features include standard location tracking, remote wiping and locking. One interesting feature is the ability of the app to go stealth (hiding the app from your app drawer so ppl won’t know where the alarm is from). The app automatically enables GPS as soon as it detects an anonymous activity so that you can find your device location online. The app is worth a shot.


2. Prey Anti Theft

[Price: Free (with off-app subscription service)]

Prey is one of the first-found apps in Anti Theft App category. Through years many other apps have been developed in the same category making the former to fall off the ladder. However it still proves useful with some features such as location tracking, remote locking, and triggering alarms. For security reasons it also prevents the app from being uninstalled. In the Pro version of the app, there are features to track unlimited number of devices.


3. Find My Phone (Android Wear)

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

If you have an android wear, your best choice is Find My Phone to search your device as soon as it gets lost. With this app installed in your device, it is almost impossible to break connection with your device anywhere it travels. Some exclusive features include remote alarm triggering the phone to ring from your PC, the ability to turn LED camera flash ON and OFF and many more. This is one of the best app you can find for your Android wear.
4. Where’s My Droid

[Price: Free / $3.99]

Where’s my Droid works okay in its free version where you can set alarms, find the phone, a special feature to generate a GPS location even on low battery, and various management features. The app also provides a black and white list to manage who can use the app over SMS. However in paid version, you get remote wiping, remote locking, hide the app icon, and you can use a landline to activate the app. It is worth the price it demands.
5. Avast Anti Theft

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Avast being the famous name for Antivirus category finds its way into Anti theft apps. The app works fine in its free version which comes with standard features such as location tracking, alarms, and remote locking and wiping. The app detects whenever SIM card is changed and goes into stealth mode ASAP. The premium features also comes with an affordable price not failing its users.

6. Q Anti Theft Alarm Pro

how do i track a mobile phone

[Price: $1]

A product of Quadruple India, the app is a premium version of the same is pretty much a compilation of all high security features in android market. Some standard features include instant SMS alerts which contain info such as IMEI no, last seen location of your phone, automatic SIM change identification and many others. Premium features allows charger alert notification, a useful feature for public transport to avoid theft when you put your device in charge. It costs only one dollar for all its features and is definitely worth giving a shot.
So here is the SUM UP!
To wrap up, it is always better to

use the app with most features in it and less in weight too. Q Anti theft Alarm Pro is best suited in that case, affordable price with simple UI and lightweight app. The fact is that there really isn’t an easy way to track down a phone that’s already been stolen or lost and that’s why you should install one of these before you lose your Smartphone and then the panic won’t be so bad next time.



How to locate stolen phone Samsung

stolen-phone-header2-1200x630-cHave you lost or misplaced your Android Smartphone or tabloid without having a tracking app installed in it? If you are using a Samsung device, you might be able to find your phone with Samsung’s own tracking device ‘Find My Mobile’.

What do you need?

  • Your device must have an internet connection in order to enable GPS (Global Positioning System).
  • You need to register your device with the official Samsung website online to identify yourself.
  • After registering, setup ‘Find My Mobile’ on your phone (do not forget to enable remote controls).

How it works?

Now that you’ve registered with Samsung online, your device can be traced now through the website itself. In case your phone is lost or stolen you just have to sign in to Find my mobile website and look for details. Here you can locate your device or lock your phone’s screen or do whatever to control your mobile device.

What are the alternatives?

There are loads of app in the market that could help you safeguard your phone from theft. You can track your phone or block it using varies resources available through the apps.

Available new in the market, Q-Anti Theft Alarm Pro is a high security app which contains many robust features to alert in case of theft. You can also lock or block your phone using IMEI number which the app detects from your device.  It also includes an exclusive PIN lock feature inside the app. Instant SMS alerts will notify every unattended action on your device to your emergency contact. Try the app which costs its users with only one dollar for its exciting features.

Protect your mobile now for just for $1:

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How to locate stolen phone Sony


Do you have a costly Sony Smartphone and don’t know how to keep it safe? It keeps worrying you, and still worse it becomes a nightmare to safeguard your phone from wrongs hands. Well you’re not in it alone. There are some useful apps that could serve this purpose.

Stay safe with my Xperia

If you’re a Sony Smartphone owner, you can use my Xperia to protect your phone. You can locate your stolen phone using the inbuilt Sony app. This handy cloud app helps you to locate your mobile and keep safe of your personal data repository.

How to activate and use my Xperia

To use this feature, you need to create a Google TM account.

  • Activate my Xperia via setting in your Sony phone.
  • Now you can login to the same account from any device.


  • Locate: Locate your phone now on a Google map in your account in
  • Alert: Allow your phone to ring alarms to get attention. The alert will work even if your phone is in silent mode.
  • Remote lock: you can lock your phone remotely, and if someone’s taking care of it, you can use my Xperia page to ping a message to the finder. The message will be displayed on the phone’s lock screen.
  • Erase: erase the data and information on your phone.

However, there are alternative apps to serve the same purpose. Quadruple India’s latest release, Q-Anti Theft Alarm PRO which also includes many such security features including instant SMS alerts, automatic SIM change identification, IMEI detection, exclusive PIN lock features and much more…

Protect your mobile now for just for $1:

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Secrets revealed – How to protect your Smartphone from theft and stay safe and stress free

mobile anti theft deviceIf you think your Smartphone is just a device rather than a mini computer that makes calls, you are about to get hurt when the device which stores all of your sensitive information including contacts, photos, passwords and many such.

Imagine the chaos that could happen when a thief lays hands on all these data? Heartbreaking indeed!

In spite of all the care you give to keep your phone safe, chances are more likely that you might lose it anytime now. Humans always look for the weakest link, and you can be giving away that at times without even intending to do so.

In the backseat of a taxi, sitting on top of the toilet paper dispenser at our favorite restaurant, in the seat pocket of an airliner, on the bar of a tavern, by the hotel pool, or on a conference table after a meeting? Possible isn’t it?

To help with your fears, here are a few life hacks that could save you big-time.

There are many apps that could provide the password protection facility. However it is easy to crack the code someway or other since the app is no stealth and easier to locate it on your phone. How about having a PIN lock feature inside a security app, completely hidden for the outside eye? Hard to crack don’t ya think?

There is something called the device IMEI number which is unique for every device. The IMEI number is used by a GSM network to identify valid devices and therefore can be used for stopping a stolen phone from accessing that network. You can now block your SIM and at least save your contacts and SMS from being mishandled.



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Here’s A Quick Way to Secure the Data & Information on Your Android Smart Phones & Tabs

Do you know that up to 40% of theft in the United State cities involves cell phones and electronic devices?  This percentage has been increasing as the survey takes place every year. As it turns out people are forgetful and become careless in the matter of their phone’s safety. But one has to understand the importance of this fact that, it is not just a matter of phone’s safety anymore. It is the repository of information and data that is stored in your phone. Imagine the adverse effects if it’s all stolen?

The consequences you might face are more damaging than your worst nightmares. Most of the Smartphone owners have lost their phone because they accidently left their phone in a public setting like malls and theatres. In Europe, it is surveyed that 28% of people lose their phone to theft while travelling when they are pick pocketed.

Secure the-Data-Information on Your Android Smart Phones

It is very important that you take care of the data contents. There are several android apps that can protect your phone from theft. Some of them are free and some are paid. However paid apps have some added benefits that the free apps fail to provide as they are merely a test product of some anonymous developed.

Quadruple India’s latest release to Android market charges just one dollar to use all of its exclusive high security features. Some of the awesome features include instant SMS alerts that contain info such as device’s IMEI number, last seen location links in Google maps, automatic SIM change identification and many more.

Try the app; I’m sure the one dollar you spent is spent useful.

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To catch your phone thief – use Anti theft Android app now

Do you know what people of today fear the most? It is the fact that 1 in 10 Smartphone owners are victims of phone theft. Yes, you might easily become the prey of phone theft too. This is why you need to be careful in handling your precious Smart phones without losing them. But it is nearly impossible to be conscious all the time isn’t it?

Here are some shocking facts that you need to know to understand how serious the issue you’re facing is.

How-smartphones-are stolen

How awesome will it be if there is a magic force that safeguards your phone anywhere and everywhere from falling into wrong hands?

Quadruple India’s brand new Android app Q Anti Theft Alarm Pro is a specially designed exclusive application that compiles every high security feature ever introduced in the android market to be included in a single app. Installing this not only ensures complete safety to your phone, but also to locate your phone in case it is stolen or misplaced.

The app includes operation in different modes to be identified as home, office and travel so that you could know instantly get an idea where you misplaced the phone. Instant SMS alerts are sent to your emergency contacts containing useful information such as your device’s IMEI no, last seen location of your phone as Google map link and many more.

There SMS alerts are sent at different situations, for instance, if your phone is switched off or your SIM is changed, SMS alert will be sent to notify but this time from the changed burglar’s SIM.

Amazing isn’t it? Do try the app. It charges only one dollar from its happy users to enjoy the tons of benefits provided.

Protect your mobile now for $1:

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How to find a stolen phone by IMEI number

how do i track a mobile phoneDid you know that every mobile phone carries a unique IMEI number? Yes, your device is unique and it has its own benefits especially when your device is stolen or misplaced.

How it works?

Your mobile service provider can block any mobile device by just knowing the
. This is done by blacklisting the number. Once blacklisted, the mobile device becomes useless.

Your operator can use this IMEI number to track the exact location of the device using the Global Positioning System (GPS) available in the mobile phone. This way you can at least know the last seen location of your lost/stolen phone.

However due to the piling number of requests on blockage of device or SIM, the service providers categorize the requests based on special situations.

How to request block?

The procedure to request a device/SIM blockage will take its own time due to increasing phone thefts. However you will need to follow a few steps.

  • File an FIR with your nearest police station that your phone is stolen or lost.
  • Take a copy of this FIR and your device’s IMEI number to your mobile service provider, who can blacklist your device for you.

How to know device IMEI no?

There are several android apps that can detect your device’s IMEI number. However it is recommended that you use an app that has high security features along with it.

Quadruple India’s latest release, Q-Anti Theft Alarm PRO is a theft-proof app designed with best security features in the market. This app automatically identifies your device’s IMEI number as and when the app is installed. It costs just one dollar and available for downloads in Google Playstore.

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Best known security tools for your Android Smartphone

how to find your cell phoneave you ever imagined how it would be like to misplace your phone? Or worse still, what if it’s stolen? What will happen to all your repository of personal data that is linked with your phone? You know how hard it is to start over, don’t you?

So what can you do to minimize the chances of your phone getting lost/stolen? Well, you can start by installing the best of anti thefts app from android Playstore. With all these readily available apps, there is no reason for your phone to be stolen. Most of the apps are free, but to ensure the best, you can consider spending a little from your pocket to take care of your precious device because these paid apps offer better exclusive features than the free apps in order to give your Smartphone the security it needs.

Let’s have a look at the exciting tools for protecting Smart phones.

Quadruple India’s latest release, Q-Anti Theft Alarm PRO asks for just one dollar to acquire its never-ending list of security features for its happy users.

The app includes automatic identification of your device’s IMEI number as and when the app is installed in your device. Now, we all know that you can block the SIM/device using the IMEI number and make it useless for the burglar.

As the name says, the app ensures a loud alarm as and when it detects any activity in the device. It includes a special feature called charger alarm notification, it rings when the phone is pulled off without your knowledge when the charger is plugged in.

Also includes SMS alerts to emergency contacts, custom alarm settings, exclusive PIN lock features and much more.

Protect your mobile now for $1:

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Secrets of protecting your smartphone from theft revealed!

One of the biggest fear of smartphone users is about losing their valuable device to theft. There are several apps available in the market to trace back your phone but they fail to safeguard from theft!

Well here is a good news! The developers of Quadruple Business Services have come up with a lightweight yet robust app that is designed to fit some of the unique security features to avoid theft. It also offers various options to trace your phone or at least block the contents from misuse.

Let’s go through the features of the app to find out the secrets, shall we?

Select your own loud ringing tone, set a timer and activate the alarm. As soon as someone tries to move or lift your phone, the alarm cries out loud and there is no way to stop it unless it is deactivated from inside the app. The thief wouldn’t know your secret weapon app, would he?


Various alert SMS are triggered by the app and sent to your emergency contact to notify a theft alert. With this SMS you can get IMEI no of your SIM to block it from misuse. Location links are sent if the device is GPS enabled. If you SIM is changed, then the new IMEI no is detected and SMS is sent from your burglar’s SIM. Well, now you know how to contact your thief!


Pretty cool isn’t it? Well, there is more to it. The app is available for download at the google play store. Try this interesting app, it could be your secret weapon to protect your phone from theft!


Protect your mobile now for just for $1:

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Little known ways to keep your android device from burglars!

There are numerous ways to track your phone in case it’s lost or stolen. But then it’s the device that matters isn’t it? There are very few app in the android store that can offer security to avoid your phone from getting stolen. However one such security app has a pretty good combination of several features that ensures to keep away burglars trying to steal your phone.

Thedevelopers of Q-Anti Theft Alert Pro have apparently made sure to concentrate on the safety of the phone from getting lost rather than tracking it afterward, which makes the app pretty interesting. So how does the app manage to provide security against theft? Let’s see.

Set the timer for alarm, select a loud ringing tone from your gallery. Activate the alarm. If someone tries to move or lift your phone, the alarm starts ringing so loud that the thief is left with no other options rather to replace your phone as it is and run away!

There is only one way to stop the alarm, which is from inside the app, which the thief wouldn’t know.

If at all the thief identifies the app and enters it, he is blocked by the numeric PIN lock which works exclusively within the app. There is no way to get in unless the right PIN is entered. Tough code to crack, isn’t it?

There is even more!

You have already caught your thief red-handed!  In case if he escapes, the SMS alerts helps you catch him again.

Phone is switched off? SIM is changed? Well dear burglar you can’t escape this time. All these movements are notified as SMS and sent to your emergency contact.

Just try this really cool lightweight app, this might be your secret weapon to protect your phone! Don’t miss!!


Protect your mobile now for just for $1:

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