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Responsive website design and its contribution toward business growth

In the modern day world, online presence is everything. It is essential to build a competitive growth for your business. Maintaining a good website is good to gain a healthy flow of new clients and holding on to the old by creating attractive offers. If your website is way too old for it, then your website might most probably won’t cooperate in the increasing business trends to satisfy customer’s expectations. Those who run a business which is wholly dependent on the online presence, then the website should be up to the mark to expect the level of sales that is expected of it. So what’s the solution? It’s easy and effective business growth with a responsive website design that can undoubtedly attract new customers and enhance the business.


How does responsive design benefit you and your Business? Read through the blog to know more.

Know the basics!   

A Responsive website design allows the users to view the website in any platform such as smartphone, tablet and a computer. With mobile phones trending, people prefer to view everything in their smart device. So if your website is responsive for that, it is an added benefit. The design of content inside the page can be formatted accordingly and the dimensions of images, formatting grids are chosen in a flexible way suitable for every platform. It is designed in such a way that the website will look and feel exactly the same in every aspect of the page. The images, texts or links in the page get automatically adjusted to the screen size so that is is easy to navigate through the page.

Now let’s move to the benefits!

  • Its Google recommended: Google gives more preference to the websites that are responsive to every platform. It gives better SEO results thereby leading to the top of Google search.
  • More traffic attraction: Smartphones and tabs are more prevalent these days so people prefer to access every page they want to view inside their smart phones. It will drive relatively more traffic to your page if your page is mobile-friendly.
  • Fast and effective: creating a separate website for mobile devices is too time consuming and you need to undergo a lot of site tests for support and maintenance. Wherein if your site is responsive in design, you just need to maintain one single site’s content and layout for various platforms.
  • Minimized bounce rate: There are numerous websites that get bounced due to non-readable or void contents in the page. People just create a website for the sake of it but do not care to fill it with usable contents. Due to this, Google fails to identify the site as it is not engaging its audience for a long time. However with a responsive design, you can avoid the bounce.

You can always contact a professional expert for solutions and advice.


Quadruple Business Services Pvt Ltd has excellent track record in the market for their web development services for their happy clients. If you have a difference in opinion, write a query, review or complaints to that will be resolved soon as possible.

“We’re committed to Customer Success and Delight”

We’re in business for our customer’s success, helping our customers achieve their highest potential is the WHY that drives us. However, we strive to one step further listening to feedback, reviews or complaints regarding difference in opinion and trying our best to resolve them.

Feel free to write to us, what’s on your mind.


Predictions that could boggle minds with Technology!

With Technology’s impact increasing day by day, it is definitely one of the interesting thing to bet your money on! Even the craziest of predictions could be converted to mind boggling reality these days. That’s how exciting the tech-specs get, when it comes to predictions for the future. As technology is giving its foremost pleasure to people, it is as promising as it gets to business side of transformation. So here are some of the hottest predictions on exciting technology trends that could drive business into a success path.

Apps with Human Side


These apps will have the capability to behave ‘human like’ and understand humane qualities such as language, social sentiments and emotions, critical thinking and problem solving. Corporate companies could make use of it to get a better knowledge of their employees and outside world, and obviously for a better business performance.  The user interface will be in such a way that it is easier and simpler to access both from inside and outside the organization.


Wearable Technology – step closer in business


Wearables became a hot trend as soon as they came into market. They are fancy and handier than a smartphone or any other smart device. But they haven’t made an impact in the business world yet. The app watch in particular earned much interests amongst fitness enthusiasts but not from mainstream consumers though. In order to make these Wearables successful onto the workplace, the activity level should be made more to enhance the workers to use their device to log in to their accounts, work devices, secure websites and much more. The corporate companies are concerned more about the well-being of their employees, thus the wearable device could include features such as healthcare checkup, insurance and so on.


Foldable Displays – A tech geek’s dream


So many exciting tech developments are happening in the resolution and displays, be it mobile phones or TVs or any other device. So far, everything has been a success because we all love to watch in high resolution don’t we?

How exciting will it be for a foldable or bendable display? Yeah, it might soon become real. In 2016, we could possibly see some first examples of such displays, where you can bend a flat display inside or out. However, these designs are restricted to inward folding display which will limit the evolution to some degree.


Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services


One of the most necessary sector which needs good technology aid is the finance, where security is much needed to overcome frauds and theft, which happens very often with technology. Investment banks, Insurance Companies, and hedge funds are starting to use Artificial Intelligence for secure data research and compilation. Some of the technologies used by Banks are Palantir which could provide a safe internal IP. There are also many developments in AI that could reduce loan delinquencies, looking for fraud patterns to avoid a financial crisis.


Virtual Reality in Medicine

unnamed (3)

While Virtual reality has become the latest sensation in the world of Gaming and Entertainment, there is a lot of potential in the VR technology that could aid medical therapies on a futuristic guess. VR could become a possible treatment option for exposure therapies, chronic pain and other such conditions. There are experiments going on using VR, while the patients are allowed to wear a VR device to play a specially designed Video game that could distract the patients from excruciating pain and reducing the need to take narcotic medications.


With so many predictions that just pops out of mind, some of them are turning into reality already.  As exciting as it gets, we just have to sit tight, and enjoy when such exciting stuffs comes into market.

About Quadruple Business Services
We’re in business for our customer’s success, helping our customers achieve their highest potential is the WHY that drives us. However, we strive to one step further listening to feedback, reviews or complaints regarding difference in opinion and trying our best to resolve them.


Complaints and Reviews, How do they matter?

Quadruple India considers costumer reviews as a word-of-mouth feedback for building a favorable image for the organization.

We at Quadruple, insist in realizing the sense of confidence in prospect and ensure lead conversion.
We see negative feedbacks as a mirror that reflects flaws, thus we work our way to get rid of them.

We ensure that our customer’s voices are heard, whether it is an appreciation or denunciation of our product or service, which is why we have a complaint and review page where one can express what they feel about us.
However many of our happy customers and corporate partners have shared their Testimonials for us. Thanks to them!

Here’s some our testimonials we thought of sharing on our blog.

If you consider writing us a review or complaint, we make sure you get a timely response as soon as we hear you.
We also remember to deliver excellent service to resolve the issue that is alerted ASAP.
It is our business goal to stay calm, and find a solution. We take efforts to manage and solve the problems such that the same issue doesn’t turn up again.
Looking forward to hear from you!
Team Quadruple.


Quadruple’s new Mobile App – For Smartphones and Tablets

Quadruple has been making its way into Android Platform for over years now by understanding the significance of Smartphones and tabs in people’s day today life. Several apps have been developed to add more features to a regular smartphone. Quadruple’s expert developers have the right creativity and experience in the market to develop satiable products for their clients.


Quadruple’s recent release is a high security Android App called Q-Anti Theft Alarm Pro which is designed specifically with features that could prevent your phone from theft and burglary. With smartphones increasing day by day, it is almost impossible to recover back the lost device nor to retrieve the data back. Thus making life easier, this simple app could offer features that helps users to scare away phone thieves and those who try to meddle with their phone.

The reason why the app works is because of these robust features:

  • Automatic Alert SMS sent to Emergency contact to notify theft.
  • SIM change Identification
  • Charger Alert Notification – This is for people who charge their device public places/transport.
  • Loud Alarm Settings
  • IMEI detection – your device’s IMEI number is stored in the app during installation which you can use to block in case of theft.

For more information & queries on the app, visit

You can download the app from here

However we are open to suggestions and feedback in case of difference in opinion between us. Write us your reviews or complaints and we have might them resolved as much as we can.

Honestly, there are already plenty of people just like you who have been getting benefited by the app. If you need any help at any stage, you can always contact our support to help you.

Happy to help,

Team Quadruple.



Short Story: The Truth About mobile theft in Malaysia

Phone theft has been increasing in number in the recent years and many of the major countries including Malaysia have fallen a prey. Many measures has been taken to overcome theft by the governments and only few have resulted in succeeding with the cause.

Shocking reports of the recent years states that the risk factor of theft has risen more than the usual, in spite of steps taken by various networks providers who along with the Government’s help provide blacklisting based on request given by Users to block their device’s IMEI number in case of mobile stolen or misplaced.

Malaysia, being the most attractive hotspot for tourists, also seems to attract thieves and burglars who are keen to snatch the costly smartphones that the tourists carry along in their leisure trip. It is reported that most of the Phone thefts in Malaysia happen around the famous Tourist attractions during busy hours when people get busy admiring the breathtaking views of the country.

In 2013, official police statistics revealed these shocking facts.

official police statistics revealed these shocking facts


Hotspots in Malaysia

In the same year, Malaysiakini has revealed that the top 3 crime hotspots in Malaysia are Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Johor. Urban centers in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are the focus of Phone thieves.

top 3 crime hotspots in Malaysia are Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Johor

Steps taken by the Government of Malaysia to Overcome Mobile Theft

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in collaboration with the Mobile Service Providers and with the support of the Malaysian Royal Police, FOMCA and Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation is planning to set up our very own National Database for Lost and Stolen Mobile Phones and simultaneously introduce a nationwide handset blocking service.

However there are a lot of apps available for Smartphones, which provide number of security features including Identifying your device’s IMEI number, and locate the phone via Google Map links.

Quadruple India’s new release Q Anti Theft Alarm Pro is a high security Android App that offers Theft proof features to smartphones. It is available at an affordable One Dollar for downloads across the world. It is worth giving a try, says the happy users of the app.

Limited Time Special Offer :
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Shocking Statistics Revealing Truth Behind Smartphones & Tabs Thefts In The USA


Smart phones carry loads of personal and sensitive information ranging from passwords to contacts to banking information and corporate mail. Surveys have been taken across some of the respondents in U.S., U.K., France and Germany about the exceeding phone thefts and some of the highlights have been documented in order to create public awareness.

Watch This Now

Highlights Of The Survey

People become careless of their phones while they travel. The majority of thefts happen because the individuals leave their phone behind accidentally which is later snatched by a burglar. Europeans are the most victims of pickpocketing compared to Americans roughly 28% in Europe versus 11% in the U.S.




In America, public commuters are the most common mode of transport. It is shocking to know that most phone thefts happen in restaurants, bar & nightclubs and public transports.




Americans are forgetful people. In an urban environment, individuals get busy with work during the peak hours of the day and that’s also the prime time where phones are getting snatched from the victims. It is during the midday between 12 noon to 5 pm when careless Smartphone owners fall prey to phone theft.  




People fail to notice their being lost immediately. By immediately we mean within an hour. Only 25 percent of victims in America tend to notice that their phone has been stolen immediately.




The chances of discovering your missing phone back is agreeable though we need to accept the fact that thieves are sneaky and they might do anything to avoid being tracked. Removing the SIM card from the device is one way of doing it or turning the device into airplane mode to avoid any contacts.


Whilst 90 percent of victims are ready to go for drastic measures to retrieve their Smartphone, only 32 percent of the victims have actually succeeded in it.


Not The Device That Matters, It Is What’s Inside…..Your Personal Information

While some of the data stored in the device can be recovered, some cannot be, such as passwords, videos, apps and the data it contains. This might result in several emotional effects on the victims ranged from stress to depression. Adverse and worst case scenarios include identity theft or fraudulent fund transfer in accounts.

While some of you are already worried and wondering how to avoid phone theft, here is what you could possibly do,

  • 70% victims research on security features while purchase of new Smartphone.
  • 76% victims download Anti Theft Apps.
  • 80% victims set PIN lock or passcode to prevent intruders.


Conclusion : Tips To Protect Your Mobile Devices

Remember, its not just a mobile device but the repository of all your sensitive & confidential personal and official information.

Sensitive info stored is INVALUABLE & in wrong hands can cause huge losses and embarrassment.

Be Aware. Be attentive to your surroundings specially when you are in public place or charging your mobile device in public place. Take good care of your smartphone the way in which you take care of your wallet. Do not text and walk, or talk and walk or having an eye when its getting charged in public place.

Use Security lock, or PIN feature. The passwords which you use should be hard enough to guess. Change it on a regular basis.

Backup. Take the backup of all the information and data stored.

Insure It. Just in case, if it is lost or stolen, your replacement device is covered.

Add Apps. Use the Anti Theft Mobile Apps to ensure that not only you get your device back, but the culprits have no zero access to your confidential and sensitive folders and information.

About Q Anti Theft Alarm Pro
Q Anti theft Alarm Pro is designed to prevent your mobile from theft attempts.

It triggers an alarm when the phone is moved/Unplugged from charger without your Knowledge. Click here to know more details


* SMS alerts
* Charger Unplug alert
* Automatic SIM Change Identification
* Numeric PIN Lock
* Do Not disturb feature for Incoming Calls
* Timer setting
* Custom tone selection
* Mode selection
* Rich User Interface

Limited Time Special Offer :
Just $1 for life time. No Annual Subscription.
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