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Little known ways to keep your android device from burglars!

There are numerous ways to track your phone in case it’s lost or stolen. But then it’s the device that matters isn’t it? There are very few app in the android store that can offer security to avoid your phone from getting stolen. However one such security app has a pretty good combination of several features that ensures to keep away burglars trying to steal your phone.

Thedevelopers of Q-Anti Theft Alert Pro have apparently made sure to concentrate on the safety of the phone from getting lost rather than tracking it afterward, which makes the app pretty interesting. So how does the app manage to provide security against theft? Let’s see.

Set the timer for alarm, select a loud ringing tone from your gallery. Activate the alarm. If someone tries to move or lift your phone, the alarm starts ringing so loud that the thief is left with no other options rather to replace your phone as it is and run away!

There is only one way to stop the alarm, which is from inside the app, which the thief wouldn’t know.

If at all the thief identifies the app and enters it, he is blocked by the numeric PIN lock which works exclusively within the app. There is no way to get in unless the right PIN is entered. Tough code to crack, isn’t it?

There is even more!

You have already caught your thief red-handed!  In case if he escapes, the SMS alerts helps you catch him again.

Phone is switched off? SIM is changed? Well dear burglar you can’t escape this time. All these movements are notified as SMS and sent to your emergency contact.

Just try this really cool lightweight app, this might be your secret weapon to protect your phone! Don’t miss!!


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How to Find Your Lost Phone Using Mobile Security Apps for Android

Protect-your-mobile-from-theftIf your android phone is lost or stolen or misplaced, keep calm and take a deep breathe! Because we have an amazing android app that could help you secure your phone from theft, and trace it back or at the least protect your valuable data from being misused.

Q-Anti Theft Alarm pro is a brand new app that is designed to fit in high security features in the android market within a single lightweight android app. Just by installing the app could ensure safety to your phone. The app has a default feature that identifies your phone’s current SIM number automatically after the app is installed in the device. This automatic SIM change identification feature is unique and rare. So whenever there is a change in SIM in your device, an alert SMS is sent to your emergency contact. The new SIM might be your phone thief’s, you could even the phone number of your thief with the alert SMS. Amazing isn’t it? Well, there is more to it!

The app offers a timer after which the alarm will be triggered in case your phone is moved. You can set your own timer depending on your usage. Set a loud alarm from your gallery and scare away the thief who would have no idea how to stop the alarm from ringing since the alarm can be deactivated only from inside the app. however if the alarm isn’t deactivated within 15 seconds, alert SMS are sent to your emergency contact to notify theft.

A robust app with so many security features, just to protect your phone. Download the app to protect your valuable device from burglars!

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How to find lost mobile using IMEI number

Q ANTI THEFT ALARM PROThere are a lot of thefts happening these days where costly phones and devices are being stolen, so you have every right to be insecure and cautious about your mobile devices. But then there is some good news for the android users now, you can easily find or at least track the last found location of your android device.

Track your phone using IMEI number

Every android phone carries a unique IMEI no (International Mobile Equipment Identity Number) which will be printed at the back of your device. IMEI number is very useful in finding the location of your phone. No matter if your phone thief has already changed your SIM and using a new SIM, or even if the phone is switched off, with the help of IMEI number your phone can be traced and immediately blocked by the service provider from using it.

Android Apps to track IMEI number

Q-Anti Theft Alarm is a newly released app that allows tracking your phone using IMEI number. The app sends SMS alerts to your emergency contact in case any anonymous movement is detected on your phone. A loud alarm is triggered if anyone tries to move your phone. If the alarm is not deactivated within 15 seconds, SMS alerts are sent to the emergency contact to notify theft or burglary. These SMS alerts shall contain information such as the mode at which the phone is lost (eg: charging, travel), IMEI no of your device, SIM no which is automatically detected by the app when it is installed & Google map link of your phone’s last found location if a GPS is available in the device.

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