Little known ways to keep your android device from burglars!

There are numerous ways to track your phone in case it’s lost or stolen. But then it’s the device that matters isn’t it? There are very few app in the android store that can offer security to avoid your phone from getting stolen. However one such security app has a pretty good combination of several features that ensures to keep away burglars trying to steal your phone.

Thedevelopers of Q-Anti Theft Alert Pro have apparently made sure to concentrate on the safety of the phone from getting lost rather than tracking it afterward, which makes the app pretty interesting. So how does the app manage to provide security against theft? Let’s see.

Set the timer for alarm, select a loud ringing tone from your gallery. Activate the alarm. If someone tries to move or lift your phone, the alarm starts ringing so loud that the thief is left with no other options rather to replace your phone as it is and run away!

There is only one way to stop the alarm, which is from inside the app, which the thief wouldn’t know.

If at all the thief identifies the app and enters it, he is blocked by the numeric PIN lock which works exclusively within the app. There is no way to get in unless the right PIN is entered. Tough code to crack, isn’t it?

There is even more!

You have already caught your thief red-handed!  In case if he escapes, the SMS alerts helps you catch him again.

Phone is switched off? SIM is changed? Well dear burglar you can’t escape this time. All these movements are notified as SMS and sent to your emergency contact.

Just try this really cool lightweight app, this might be your secret weapon to protect your phone! Don’t miss!!


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