Indroducing Q-Anti Theft Alarm Pro For Android,Smart Phones And Tabs

Protect your phone and sensitive information from burglars !

Loud Alarm & Alert Theft prevention

Feather Light Weight

Lightening SMS Alerts (With IMEI, SIM Number & Last Found Location)

Highly Customizable When You Want App To Be Active And When Not

Select The Alarm Profile For Home, For Office, Travel Or For Noisy Place

Bullet Proof PIN Lock

“Do Not Disturb” Feature For Incoming Calls

Automatic SIM Change Identification

Free Updates and Email Support for 12 months

It’s FAST! It’s SPONTANEOUS! All actions happen within seconds and your phone is ultimately safe!

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Do you have a Costly Phone and wondering what to do if it gets Stolen / Lost? Here is how you can Safeguard your Phone from Burglars and also locate your Phone after theft!!


Set your own TIMER

Set a time for the alarm after which you might leave your phone unused. Say 2 minutes?

Activate/ Deactivate your Alarm

Activate the alarm once the timer is set. Only way to turn off the alarm is from within the app.

Select a loud ringer tone

Set a loud siren from your own gallery and scare away the burglars!

SMS alerts

Stay notified with instant SMS alerts. Get your phone’s last seen location links, IMEI no in case your SIM is changed, and lots more!

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